The scalability matters!

Recombinant proteins are engineered protein forms that are produced in a variety of ways such as modifying gene sequences to produce large amounts of proteins, antibodies, and useful therapeutic drugs. Genetic modification by recombinant DNA technology can lead to the expression of the engineered proteins. The formation of the recombinant protein is carried out in a special vehicle known as a vector. Using a vector, we can deliver the targeted engineered genes, recombinant DNA, into the expression system to produce the targeted proteins.

Proteins can be expressed in bacteria or E.coli in a relatively cheap price. However, in the case of high-quality proteins like therapeutic pharmaceuticals, important processes need to be performed due to the intra-personal post-translational modification reaction (phosphorylation or glycosylation). Therefore, it is essential to utilize a validated eukaryotic protein expression system such as CHO cells.

Many researchers want to produce therapeutic drugs based on new types of mechanisms. Recently, many therapeutic drugs are developed in the form of protein drugs, including antibodies. Our company welcomes this phenomenon, but there are many caveats to be considered from the perspective of researchers.

At first, researchers just use any available expression system to check the novel mechanism since they need the protein to validate the mechanism. Thus they choose the approachable and accessible expression systems if they do not have an internal in-house protein expression system. After confirming various mechanisms using the proteins from any available expression system of the researchers, they may convince that they should enter a clinical trial, which seems to be good.

It is congratulations that the efficacy and mechanism have been proven to be sufficient for clinical trials, but in this case, most of the existing protein drugs do not meet certain criteria for drug production. In particular, small-scale production without an advanced vector system cannot go further since the efficient expression system is the most important and critical step for the production of the protein drugs.

The scalability matters.

A protein expression system without considering scalability is not suitable for the pharmaceutical industry though they seem to have the same sequence. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is important to have not only the drugs based on the novel mechanism but the profit to consider large-scale production in all aspects.

Immune Square, Inc is here to satisfy the needs of drug developing researchers and risk-taking bio-venture companies. Immune Square, Inc. has been developing advanced platforms for producing the recombinant proteins as well as single-domain antibodies (sdAd) since its establishment in Daegu, South Korea in 2019.5.24,

We provide not only decision making evidence for the therapeutic drugs but fast, high quality, and cost-effective recombinant protein production services to the customers as well. We offer step-by-step tailored services for the recombinant proteins including the large scale manufacturing scalabilities. Our services can give a competitive benefit the project from gene synthesis to protein expression, purification, and eventually stable cell line for large-scale production.

Choosing us as a reliable and trust partner for protein production can accelerate your discovery quickly. Your decision can be compensated at a timely and reasonable price at any stage of your drug development.

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